The shirt collar

Though the sizes and styles may vary, the collar is what distinguishes a casual shirt from a more formal one. Nowadays, the standard collar for men is typically narrower, shorter and has a wider spread. From the classic button-down to the versatile spread, we’ve got your collars covered.

The shirt placket

The shirt placket refers to the part of your shirt where the buttonholes are placed. Located at the center front, plackets are almost always made with more than one layer of fabric. In the past, plackets were entirely separate pieces of cloth that were sewn to the front; today, the edges are merely folded. From conventional to concealed, read on for a mini-education on this essential shirt component.

The buttons

Not all fasteners are created equal. Here’s a look at the range of materials and styles we use on our GANT shirts.

The cuffs

Where the shirtsleeve ends, an important decision begins. That’s why we offer a variety; to give you the freedom of choice.

The shirt pocket

Useful for storage, essential for style. We provide the basics on this key shirt detail.

The locker loop

The rumors are true: GANT invented and introduced the hanging locker loop. Originally placed at the back of the collar, it was originally designed to keep shirts wrinkle-free in Ivy League locker rooms. Later, it even became part of Ivy League dating culture, when a guy would remove his loop to announce he was going steady with a girl. She, in return, would wear his scarf!

The back-collar button

As the name suggests, this button is found on the back collar of a man’s shirt. It helps to keep a tie perfectly in place while preventing the collar from riding up.

The yoke

This refers to the section of the shirt covering the wearer’s entire shoulder area. A contoured yoke results in a more fitted silhouette.

The tail

The tail is the bottom back of the shirt, often slightly longer than the front so that it can be tucked into your pants.